Day 1 - Ideas and Reflection 

Day 1 Ideas & Reflection


It's been quite a slow start for the Ideas Factory project this week. It has taken time for me to warm up to the project and making my ideas stars flowing and getting back into the mindset of making and visualizing my ideas. However, working with Este and Sofi was helpful to initiate and brainstorm ideas of the project. even though I did not end up using the ideas for my final proposal it served as a  warm up for ideas and thoughts.

By using INK (material), MASOCHISM (idea), and SUSPEND (process), my first  Response to the Project Brief was quite literal and not to deep nor abstract.  After brainstorming key words from each highlighted word above, I drew about 7 doodles incorporating the key words highlighted on the image in yellow. Also,the way of working is not too different from they way I have approached a proposal of work previously on other UAL short courses. So I am familiar with the process, but what was most helpful was getting feedback from other groups and sharing our idea with them. There is no better way to understand and learn about your own idea more than by explaining it too others in a clear and simple way. the feedback we got from other groups was more ideas we could incorporate into the proposal to make it more engaging visually. lastly I explained my ideas visually very simple by using black markers and pencil on paper, With tiny doodle drawings,  all in which where 2 dimensional drawings, and by highlighting the key words that where used. 

Group Brain Storm/ Drawings


Group Idea one (developed)



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